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Who We Are

Our coaches are dedicated to you and each and every class they lead. We understand your goals - we've been there and we've coached members through every imaginable fitness goal. From the smallest (but not always the easiest) to the to the seemingly impossible, we're here to help and guide you though them all.
  • Michael McElroy

    Owner, Head Coach

    “Live like there’s no tomorrow and learn like your life depends on it.”

    Mike started CrossFit in 2005 and opened his first gym in a garage in 2009 when garage gyms were the norm for a CrossFit box.  Since the day he opened his doors, Mike’s main goal was to provide the best CrossFit training experience in the state.

    In that time, Mike also joined the ranks of elite athletes, first going to the CrossFit Games sectionals then regionals in 2010, and Regionals in 2011 and 2012, placing as high as 10th in all of the Central region.

    With all his experience and a degree in Exercise Science from Mississippi State University, Mike now specializes in individual program design within his gyms and online as a program design coach at Barbell Shrugged.

    Helping his members break through plateaus is what Mike loves best about being a coach.  He knows these experiences create confidence in his clients which gives courage in their lives, whether it’s an elite athlete with a mental barrier in competition or someone who’s anxious about their first day in the gym.


    • BS in Exercise Science
    • CrossFit L-1
    • CrossFit Endurance
    • USAW
    • ABC Thacker Method
    • OPEX-Assessment L1
    • OPEX-Program Design L1
    • OPEX-Nutrition L1
    • OPEX-Business Systems L1
    • OPEX-Lifestyle Coach L1
    • OPEX-L1 Case Study (In progress)
  • Will Moon


    “It is not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves.” – Sir Edmund Hillary

    Will’s athletic background includes collegiate soccer and youth sports. Always having been active throughout his life, Will was inspired by finding a group of like-minded people in the sport of CrossFit.

    He loves that the community is filled with those who strive to push their limits and improve with every day.  Will is committed to being the supportive coach to the Iron Sharp community.


    • CrossFit L-1
  • Becca Young

    Bootcamp Coach

    As a new mom and certified group fitness trainer, Becca found herself short on time and at a fitness plateau shortly after welcoming baby.  When she found CrossFit, she also found the intensity she craved in the little time she had to dedicate to exercise inside of her busy schedule.

    Having been a collegiate level cheerleader and playing sports throughout high school, she enjoys the camaraderie and atmosphere of the CrossFit community.  Now she dedicates her time to the Iron Sharp community as our Boot Camp coach.


    • CrossFit L-1
    • CrossFit Endurance
  • Reagan McElroy

    CFO, Administration

    Reagan is the brains behind the Iron Sharp operation.  While she might be taking care of business so that things run smoothly behind the scenes, she is an experienced CrossFitter with 5 years under her belt with plenty of know-how.

    Reagan is passionate about helping her members and others become the people they were created to be.


    • Certifiably awesome
  • Derrick Garner


    Derrick is a former collegiate football player, and a CPA by day. Being a CrossFit coach is a huge part of his life and his enthusiasm and passion for life are evident in his coaching style.  But make sure you bring your best to his classes – sandbagging is his pet peeve and he’ll make sure you know it!


    • CrossFit L-1


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